Aluminium in interior design. Creativity has no limits with bandoxaldecor®

Aluminium in interior design. Creativity has no limits with bandoxaldecor®

The desire of every designer is to be able to reproduce the specificities of nature: the shades and the veins of rocks and minerals, the gradations and transparency of the water, the marked notes of colour of the flora and fauna, the effect of natural light. The chromatic and material characteristics of what makes up our planet are difficult to imitate, though: they are unique and for this reason they are considered extraordinary.


How aluminium in interior design helps reproduce every possible effect

In the world of interior design, every project always begins with an in-depth analysis of both materials and finishes. There are many alternatives that are able to fulfill the extravagant choices of artists and designers, but only one material is able to amply satisfy numerous requirements at the same time: aluminium. Lightness, strength, flexibility and sustainability are the fundamental characteristics of a totally recyclable and exceptionally durable material such as aluminium. The potential for use and its applications are practically infinite, thanks to the intrinsic qualities of this metal. And more and more architects are choosing to work with aluminium in their interior design projects to create objects, furnishings, accessories and complements.

In this regard, the Almeco Group has been focusing for years on the production of anodised aluminium that responds in an excellent way to the needs of architecture and interior design. There are numerous applications, thanks to the particular aesthetic connotations that make it the ideal material for new furnishing creations and to give character to spaces.

In particular, bandoxaldecor® is the range of coloured anodised aluminium surfaces designed specifically for the decorative sector.

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Aluminium in interior design: bandoxaldecor® proves that creativity has no limits

Creativity has no limits with bandoxaldecor®. The range of colours is almost infinite and its development never stops: following the fashion and trends most requested by the world of design, Almeco can create ad hoc warm or cold colours, metallic or opaque shades, according to liking and request. It is thus possible to imitate even the most unique peculiarities of nature, coming to faithfully reproduce what natural elements have created over time. But not only.

Starting from 50 standard colours and four different types of finishes (among mirror, brushed, textured and embossed), Almeco, thanks to an advanced technology and innovative processes, is able to create practically infinite customised surfaces. For example, in the bandoxaldecor® range a particular tint was created by carefully analysing the market trends and reproducing the pink shade of a cover created for the first time by a very popular mobile phone brand: the Gran Brilliant Rose 502. This shows that it is possible to take a cue from an industrial or naturally occurring object to perfectly imitate its colour and reproduce it on the aluminium surface.


Anodisation: benefits and possibilities

Thanks to the anodising process carried out before transformation, Almeco is able to obtain a very homogeneous surface, with perfect finishes and colours. The coloured pigments, in fact, fill the spaces of the anodising becoming one with the substrate. This is why it is possible, thanks to bandoxaldecor®, to replicate many of the metals present in the world. Aluminium, lighter and easier to work with, thus acquires the appearance of steel, titanium, gold and silver, but also of copper, bronze, tin or brass. A real rainbow of colors and finishes, able to meet the most extreme needs in the world of interior design.

Let’s boost the imagination, then! To decorate and give character to the most different spaces of residences, hotels, shops, restaurants, showrooms without limits to creativity.

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