Aluminium products, Almeco’s e-commerce celebrates its first year with some news

Aluminium products, Almeco’s e-commerce celebrates its first year with some news

Speed, efficiency, and attention to customer needs: Almeco’s e-commerce is preparing to celebrate its first year of activity strengthened by the good results achieved in less than 12 months by offering its aluminium products online.  

Results that the company has secured thanks to its in-depth knowledge in the treatment of aluminium and the specific needs of each market, with a vast portfolio of products for both external and internal applications in different industries.  

And for the coming months, the company is already working on additional tools for the portal that will allow it to offer the quality that has always characterised Almeco aluminium products, but with the typical timing of a distributor.

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Shop online for your aluminium products: Almeco’s winning recipe

Before unveiling some anticipation of these new features, let’s take a look at the features that have made the platform a success:  

  1. Easy to access, easy to use. Almeco’s e-commerce is extremely easy to access (all you need is a VAT number) and to use. After signing up, customers can see products’ availability and prices;
  2. Faster service. The possibility to check products’ availability, in real time, and to order online speeds up the entire ordering process. Certain products can be delivered in 2/3 days only.
  3. Choose your favourite products with just a few clicks. Almeco’s e-commerce features the bandoxal® collection, realised with anodised aluminium in different finishes and colours;
  4. Pre-cut sheets for faster delivery. Through its e-commerce, the company has made available pre-cut sheets and blanks of its customers’ most popular products to further speed up the delivery process;
  5. No limits. Customers are able to order even one singular sheet of material;
  6. Customised options. Through the portal, it is also possible to order customised dimensions, speeding up the development of customised projects;
  7. Continuous updating. Since the launch of the e-commerce platform, the company has updated the portal to make the user experience even simpler and more immediate. For example, the designs and images available on the website have been updated to help visitors perceive, even through the screen, the qualities and differences of each product;
  8. More options. The ability to see the stock in real time also makes it possible to evaluate alternative products in case the desired one is not available. The information on the portal helps customers choose the best alternative. 


A look at Almeco’s aluminium products used in specific projects

Our products have been chosen for the realisation of some important projects:

  • Pink Gellac Store in Nijmegen

The nail polish brand Pink Gellac and launched its latest store in the city of Nijmegen, in the Netherlands. It was realised in collaboration with the architect Matteo Renna and the studio ToBuild. For the interiors, the designers chose bandoxaldecor™ Lapidé Rose 342.


  • Allianz Isozaki Tower in Milan

The Allianz tower situated in Milan, designed by Japanese architect Arata Isozaki, presents a false ceiling, for which our bandoxaldecor™ Grand Brillant Incolore was used.


  • Hamleys Store in Milan

The famous British toy store Hamleys recently opened its doors in the city of Milan. The brand chose a fun and eye-catching design for the interior of the first Italian story. The ceiling is covered with our best-selling product from the bx3D line, Wavy Grand Brillant Incolore.


Looking ahead: how Almeco is making choosing the right aluminium product even easier

Almeco’s winning recipe for e-commerce is therefore based on the combination of the know-how of Almeco’s specialists and the approach to continuous innovation that has always characterised the company.

With its e-commerce Almeco wanted to be even closer to its customers, responding to the needs of those industries (from construction to point-of-sale design, fairs, and events) where rapidity is a crucial aspect when developing a project.

Moreover, to make the experience even more immediate and simple, the company is working on new features that will be implemented in the coming months. The first concerns the introduction of other patterns from the bandoxal3D range – ideal for wall and ceiling coverings and interior decorations.

Bandoxal3D, in fact, comes in different finishes, colours and patterns. However, only the most popular version of the product (the wavy Grand Brillant Incolor) is currently available on Almeco’s e-commerce.

More news to come…

The company’s intention is to extend this possibility to other products in the bandoxal® range, which is why the bandoxal® pro line, ideal for outdoor applications, is now available for purchase on Almeco’s e-commerce.

“The quality of service we offer our customers is as important to us as the quality of our products. That is why we are constantly working to speed up and simplify both the ordering and shipping processes. This, of course, does not mean paying less care to projects, but offering the same level of attention in a faster time. With this idea, our e-commerce was born, and the numbers we have recorded so far confirm that our customers appreciate this tool, which we will continue to enhance in order to be even closer to our customers and their needs”, says Bianca Fiorentini, Customer Care, Sales Support & Marketing of Almeco.

Stay tuned to find out more about how Almeco is revolutionising aluminium products shopping online.

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