Anodized aluminium for sale online: Almeco’s e-commerce is now open

Anodized aluminium for sale online: Almeco’s e-commerce is now open

With over 60 years of experience in aluminium treatments and two European plants, Almeco has always followed a growing strategy that combines a global vision with a local operational approach.

The Group’s commitment to leverage on aluminium’s properties to bring innovation to its customers has led, over the years, to a portfolio of innovative surfaces which bring sustainability and efficiency across several industries.

With the launch of its e-commerce, Almeco aims to be even closer to its customers, facilitating access to the company’s portfolio of decorative anodized aluminium surfaces. “Ordering aluminium has never been so quick and easy” says Tommaso Fiorentini, Almeco Vice President. In fact, the platform – available from mid-January – will make the ordering process easier and faster for customers, allowing a better visibility on Almeco’s stock.

Anodized aluminium for decorative surfaces and much more

By using the platform, customers will be able to easily place an order for selected Almeco’s products from the bandoxaldecor® collection, the range of anodized aluminum surfaces for the decorative sector.

Lightweight, flexible, strong, environmentally friendly, and totally recyclable, bandoxaldecor® exhibits exceptional durability. The surface is iridescence-free and homogeneous, the colour is uniform, and its mechanical and chemical properties are unique. The high quality of the product is combined with the widest range of colours, textures, and thicknesses.

These features make bandoxaldecor® the right choice for so many applications, from design to architecture, from furniture to POS/POP (point of sales/purchase), from display to

silk-screen printing, from automotive to marine, from cosmetics to the electrical and electronics industries.

On the e-commerce, bandoxaldecor® will be available in various finishes and colours and in three formats:

  • blanks (MOQ 150kg)
  • pre-cut sheets 1250×2500 (MOQ 5 pieces)
  • customised sheets (MOQ 5 pieces)


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Better visibility and easier ordering process

E-commerce will speed up and simplify orders for customers, while also providing better visibility into Almeco’s stock. “It will be our showcase on our customers’ world” says Onorato Fiorentini, Almeco CEO. The first goal of the company was, in fact, allowing its clients in Europe, Middle East and Africa to have an easier access to its products, more flexibility in MOQ requirements and a quicker lead time.

The whole ordering process is, indeed, very easy: the customer lands on the platform where he can browse and view products and consequently sign up in order to find out availability and prices.

The user must have a VAT number to sign up, thus he must be a freelancer or a company (B2B). After signing up, the registration request will be analysed internally.

Other advantages for customers include real time quotation visibility, fast order receipt (3 days to 2 weeks) and dedicated packaging.

The e-commerce will facilitate customers’ access to Almeco’s innovative portfolio of decorative anodized aluminium surfaces, a technology in which the company has built an extensive experience over the years.