From design to production: your aluminium surfaces expert

From design to production: your aluminium surfaces expert

Thanks to a complete and customisable portfolio of services – ranging from design to production – the Almeco Group is much more than an aluminium supplier. In fact, with over 60 years of experience in the production of aluminum surfaces and an innovation-oriented approach, Almeco is a key partner for its customers.

The customised solutions offered by the Italian enterprise allow companies to take advantage of all the potential benefits of this material. Aluminium, providing highest reflective characteristics, is highly resistant and ensures lightness, durability, electrical and thermal conductivity.

Also, the continuous anodisation and PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) techniques used by Almeco make aluminium an important material for many industries: from construction to renewable energies, to application in the medical field and design.

Aluminium specialist, a personalised all-in-one approach

Thanks to a team of engineers, physicians, mathematicians, and optical engineers, Almeco can offer its customers an all-in-one approach. Every project (for lighting, decorative and solar applications) is looked after from the initial idea to the verification of its feasibility, from prototyping to industrialisation.

Whether it is a completely new idea or one inspired by a product already on the market, Almeco’s professionals follow the project closely with the customer. The brand’s vision – globally oriented with a local operational approach – along with its experience and investments in state-of-the-art technologies represent a recipe for success.

With more than 60 partners globally, Almeco has built a strong and resilient supply chain that allows clients to have materials ready in stock. At the same time, the headquarter and 3 specialized units provide the necessary proximity to ensure extremely short response times, as well as harmony with each customer’s needs.

Almeco is a key partner for reflectors

The company has a high degree of specialisation in reflectors. In this area as well, the complete and tailor-made approach to the production of aluminium solutions makes Almeco a winning choice for every company.

Based on an analysis of the client’s requirements, according to the type of source and lighting distribution needed, the technical team selects the most efficient type of reflective aluminium surface and develops the geometric characteristics of the reflector.

Additionally, the vocation for continuous innovation and a network of partnerships with universities and research institutes enable the company to offer innovative, up-to-date, and revolutionary solutions.

For example, the growing interest towards LED sources has pushed Almeco to develop a range of reflectors for LED modules and CoBs (Chip On Board).

A new concept for developing reflectors: the reflect+A®

The reflect+A® product line is a “ready-made” catalogue of reflectors for LED sources. This line combines efficiency with reduced dimensions and an excellent light control.

The line includes reflect+A® evo, a range of optics for CoBs made in highly reflective PVD aluminium vegaled98. Customers can choose from narrow, medium, and wide beams which provide the highest L.O.R. (Light Output Ratio) on the market.

The catalogue also includes the reflect+A® line and reflect+A® team, families of customisable segmented reflectors.

Almeco’s reflectors catalogue allows customers to choose from ready-made solutions for different environments and for the most popular LEDs and holders on the market.

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Aluminium, why Almeco it’s the perfect consultant for design applications

The company’s continuous innovation has led it over the years to expand its clients base to new industries. In fact, aluminium mechanical and physical characteristics make it suitable for numerous applications.

Another interesting industry for aluminium is the interior design applications. Here, the great workability of the material, together with its aesthetical surfaces, colored or natural appearing, makes it suitable to fit architects’ creativity.  Based on this, Almeco has developed a portfolio of products specifically designed to meet the needs of this sector: the bandoxal® range.

This line of decorative surfaces includes bandoxaldecor® and the bandoxaldecor® + collection, which allows customers to choose their own supply, even in small quantities, from a wide variety of colours and finishes.

And, lastly, bandoxal®3D: a collection of three-dimensional aluminium surfaces dedicated to architectural and interior design applications. It includes a wide range of shades and nuances that can be combined with 3D patterns to achieve tailor-made effects and solutions.

Environmentally friendly for renewables: aluminum is the right choice

Specular-mirror like surfaces are a key element in solar concentrating systems as well as CPC (Compound Parabolic Concentrator) and CPS (Concentrated Solar Power), the 360° approach is guarantying the right support in choosing the best solution Almeco can propose, either flat aluminum sheets and shaped reflectors.

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