How to shop online your aluminum surface on Almeco’s e-commerce

How to shop online your aluminum surface on Almeco’s e-commerce

Shopping online for your aluminium surfaces has never been easier, thanks to the recently opened Almeco e-store. In fact, Almeco has decided to make the most popular products from the bandoxaldecor® decorative surfaces line available for online ordering, to improve its customer service and answer to companies’ needs in an even faster and more efficient way.

Thanks to real-time stock visibility, the ordering process is easier and faster, without any compromise in customer care. Another sign of the company’s commitment to its customers and its drive for continuous improvement of its offerings. In fact, after a successful start, Almeco’s experts are already considering how to update the portal to meet and anticipate the needs of companies.

Shop online your aluminum surface

Available in Almeco’s e-commerce are pre-cut sheets (1250×2500 standard size) from the bandoxaldecor® line, which includes numerous colouring and finishing options for decorative applications. Applications where aluminum is particularly popular due to its durability over time and its lightness, flexibility and sustainability.

Through the portal, companies can see the availability of aluminum surfaces in real time and place their order with just a few clicks. The process thus simplifies the customer journey, allowing them to shorten delivery times as well: in fact, customers can receive their order in three days, compared to the two weeks required by the offline process.

“This rapidity is particularly appreciated by our customers. For example, companies operating in the cosmetics industry, where our surfaces find application in point-of-sale displays, need to receive the product very quickly. Now, thanks to the complete visibility on the stock, in real time, offered by our e-commerce, we can meet these needs,” explains Claudia Ronchi, Sales Representative of the company.

Many possible finishes and colours of aluminum surfaces

Almeco’s decorative aluminum surfaces come with many possible finishes and colours. Although the e-commerce is aimed at speeding up the purchasing process for the products most in demand by customers, the company did not want to lose one of the cornerstones of its offerings: the wide range of customization options given to customers, both as a result of the extensive catalogue of the bandoxaldecor® line and the vast experience of its professionals in aluminum treatment.

In addition to pre-cut sheets, in fact, customers can choose to order blanks or sheets cut to length and receive them in two weeks.

If among the many products available through e-commerce there is none that fully meets the customer’s needs, they can always contact Almeco’s customer service and proceed with the offline ordering process. Almeco’s team will guide them through the many possibilities of finishing and colouring and will accompany them on the journey of custom project development.

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An easy customer journey: shop your aluminum surfaces on Almeco’s e-commerce

The customer journey of customers landing on Almeco’s e-commerce is very simple and fast. It should be noted that the e-commerce cannot be accessed by individuals, so a registration with the company’s VAT number is required for access. The process is very quick and can take maximum up to 48 hours (for requests sent over the weekend).

After this step is completed, the customer will have access to the catalogue of products available online and will be able to place his order easily and in a completely transparent way. In fact, the e-commerce allows both to see the real-time availability of the aluminum surfaces stock and to calculate the shipping cost already at the time of the order.

Once the order is received, Almeco’s sales team will send the customer a proforma with the order summary and payment details. Once payment has been made (which can also be done via credit card) the order will go into production.

Flexibility and customer focus: why choose Almeco

If the customer fails to notify Almeco, the sales team will contact them again after 48 hours to see if they need assistance. The ordered stock remains locked for four days (in case of non-payment), after which it will become available for sale again.

“Having automated so many steps in the offline sales process does not mean that our approach is any less flexible. Once payment has been made, the customer can send us a transfer slip directly so that production can start immediately,” Ronchi explains.

Thanks to Almeco’s e-commerce for aluminum surfaces, companies can now count on faster customer service, combining the benefits of digitalization with the customer experience and care that have always been Almeco’s trademarks.