Inside mirror finish aluminum: when and where it suits best

Inside mirror finish aluminum: when and where it suits best

Reflecting what surrounds us, dilating space and time, amplifying perceptions and sensory stimulation: in the world of architecture and design, there are many artists and planners who choose to use mirrored, perfectly reflective surfaces in defining environments and objects.

Walking among the buildings of modern European cities or skirting the skyscrapers of Manhattan in New York or the great towers of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates with one’s nose in the air, it is immediately understandable how reality seems expanded.

Large, mirrored facades stand out among overlapping buildings, multiplying what we see. Light is the key element: on beautiful sunny days, the blue of the sky is reflected in the buildings, conveying vibrancy and enthusiasm; on cloudy days, even the cities reflect calm and peacefulness.

Mirror finishes are everywhere: from large skyscrapers, through high-rise residences capable of blending in with their natural surroundings, to cladding in interior design to objects and works of art.

Anodized aluminum is the material that can suit best architectural projects involving mirrored surfaces. Let’s explore why.

Mirror finish aluminum, an overview

Aluminum is very durable yet extremely lightweight. It is sustainable and environmentally friendly because it is totally recyclable at the end of its life, becoming a perfect new material that can be fully reused for new projects.

Aluminum can also create living surfaces, able to come alive by reflecting light and colors. It is considered a classic that never goes out of fashion; even with now recognized and specialized processing techniques, it always manages to transform itself thanks to the many shades and finishes with which it is offered.

In design, architecture, furniture and objects, mirror finish aluminum finds ideal application in all those projects that aim to stimulate the senses.

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The Almeco mirror finish aluminum all over the world

Almeco can produce the perfect anodized aluminum for all types of applications. In particular, the bandoxaldecor® line of decorative surfaces, thanks to the malleability of the material and its ease of processing, is chosen by architects to develop striking mirror aesthetic effects. In its classic gold, white and light gold, anthracite gray, black and quartz pink color variations, or in its colorless version, anodized mirror aluminum is produced in different thicknesses, from 0.3 to 1 mm, and perfectly covers surfaces.

Such is the case with the Allianz Tower in Milan, designed by Japanese architect Arata Isozaki, for which mirrored aluminum suspended ceilings with a dramatic appearance were created to reflect the defined forms of an architecture that has become iconic in the CityLife complex in Milan.

Aluminum in the Grand Brillant Alunor 233 declination is the star of a special collection of suitcases made by the historic leather goods brand FPM Milano. In the splendid Bank suitcases, signed by designer Marc Sadler, special aluminum shells combine with butterfly locks and sophisticated leather details for a unique style strictly Made in Italy.

Also, bandoxaldecor® was chosen by the Belgian designer Hind Rabii for its BELLE D’I 38 TECH lamp: the Grand Brillant finish in copper 82 was applied on this product’s range reflectors. A quiet eye-catching effect, which can be found in the Sendai sculpture bookcase too, designed by Toyo Ito. Here, six shelves feature bandoxaldecor® and are connected by refined solid wood.

Almeco’s aluminum surfaces are in high demand and appreciated in the global luxury and fashion industry, particularly in the upholstery of furniture and displays inside the point-of-sale of department stores, shopping malls and airports. This is the case in L’Orèal stores, where the bandoxaldecor® range applied to displays and furnishings illuminates cosmetics and body care products, amplifying the positive feelings and experience of shopping customers.

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