Matte aluminum finish: four reasons why you should choose it

Matte aluminum finish: four reasons why you should choose it

Aluminum comes with excellent characteristics. Among the most widespread elements on earth, although it is very light and soft, it provides an outstanding corrosion resistance due to the natural formation of a thin layer of oxidation which forms very quickly when aluminum is exposed to air: this oxide covering prevents oxygen from corroding the underlying metal. This feature allows it to be more durable than other materials.

Its ductility and malleability make it also perfect for use in a variety of difference applications. Particularly in the field of architecture and design, its application has found increasing fortune over the years, becoming part of the most important projects worldwide. It is therefore chosen to:

  • construct buildings;
  • build structural elements;
  • cover facades and surfaces;
  • create furniture, design objects and works of art.

Almeco produces numerous ranges of aluminum surfaces ideal for different sectors. To provide architects and designers with limitless creative possibilities, the company has developed bandoxaldecor®: a special collection which allows professionals and companies to develop unique projects with special features.

At its plant in San Giuliano Milanese (Italy), Almeco can count on specially designed production lines to produce surfaces with various finishes and color shades, suitable for both outdoor architecture and indoor design applications. Among the options available, the matte aluminum finish is one of the most popular among customers and design enthusiasts.

The production of matte aluminum finish

Just like brushed or mirror surfaces, the production of satin-finished versions requires a controlled chemical process that can make the material perfectly smooth and attractive, with a consistent coloration over the entire area.

During the anodizing process, the matte finishing takes place inside a special tank used to mechanically brush the material with abrasive tools. The process provides a uniform surface, removes any defects and scratches, and makes the material as homogeneous and velvety as possible.

The matte finish treatment is also useful for making the surface texture opaque: this process is ideal when the market requires the ability not to reflect light too strongly.

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4 reasons to choose the matte aluminum finish

Almeco’s aluminum turns out to be an excellent material in every version, but let’s see in which case customers choose the matte finish. What are the reasons why it is so popular?

1. It has a soft texture to the touch

It has velvet-like characteristics that can stimulate the senses. Tactility and materiality have become essential aspects in the world of interior design, especially when it comes to surfaces that can really be touched with the hands; in recent years, objects and designs that convey delicate and sensual experiences, calm and relaxing sensations, are increasingly trending.

2. It fits all styles

Aluminum with a matte finish fits into architectural designs in a very natural way. Thanks to its virtually endless color variations, it can be chosen for classic and traditional environments, or for shabby chic or industrial spaces, or even in strongly contemporary places where the cleanliness of forms and purity of the material is expressed to the utmost power.

3. It is easily combined with other materials

Aluminum in matte finish can be used in architectural projects of various kinds. It is perfect for all those settings where there is a great multitude of different materials: for example, satin aluminum is a great companion to porcelain stoneware surfaces in different declinations, or it becomes an excellent element when combined with different wood essences.

4. It is sustainable and recyclable

This is not only the prerogative of aluminum in matte finish: all aluminum is. Still, it is important to remember: when choosing a material, it is essential to know its characteristics related to ecology and sustainability. Aluminum is totally recyclable at the end of its life and can be fed back into the production cycle indefinitely without losing its characteristics.

In addition, aluminum surfaces do not present health hazards and do not contain substances harmful to air, soil and water quality.

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