Shop online for the right aluminum surface finishes for your project

Shop online for the right aluminum surface finishes for your project

Strong, ductile, able to recreate different effects through a wide combination of colours and finishes: aluminum is a material that combines durability with elegance and is therefore used in numerous applications.

Depending on the specific application, it is possible to choose from different surface finishes that enhance the quality of the metal best suited for the specific use.

Thanks to its online shop, Almeco is now able to offer to its customers a faster channel to choose and order the right surface finishes for their projects. The e-commerce, combined with the company’s consulting and customization services, allows companies to speed up the development time of their projects for an even more efficient service.

A wide range of aluminum surface finishes

Almeco’s offering includes the bxDECOR collection, a wide selection of aluminum surface finishes and colours, which we could group into four categories: specular, textured, matt and semispecular.

Each category has different finishing, colouring, thickness and format options from which customers can choose as needed. In fact, some finishes are more recommended than others in certain applications, because they allow for maximum surface performance with respect to the context in which the application is developed.

Mirror finishes, for example, are recommended for indoor applications, while satin and textureed finishes are more suitable for all those applications where greater strength is required.

Aluminium surface finishes, some common applications

Almeco’s aluminium surfaces find application in a variety of industries, precisely because of their ability to combine the qualities of aluminum with colours and finishes that can also achieve maximum visual performance.

Some of the most interesting and creative applications involve:

  • Interior cladding, which meets the needs of elegance (for example, in applications at hotels and spas) or security, such as in restaurants and airports, where aluminum is used because it is a fire-resistant and durable material.
  • Automotive and nautical sectors, applications where aluminum is particularly valued for its strength/weight ratio.
  • Design applications, such as in visual display or for luxury products (perfumes, suitcases) for the eye-catching effect and elegance
  • As a substitute for materials such as gold, silver, copper, brass for its quality of replicating their aesthetic appearance with the advantage of lightness and ease of processing.

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Shop online for your aluminum surface finishes

Surfaces from the bxDECOR line are available on Almeco’s e-commerce: a portal that the company has created to speed up the purchasing and shipping process for the products most in demand by companies.

In fact, on the e-commerce customers can find, among other formats, pre-cut sheets (1250 x 2500 mm standard size) and check, in real time, the availability in stock. This format only needs three working days to be shipped to customers, thus ensuring a much more effective and faster ordering and shipping processes.

An automated and rapid service, without sacrificing the customer focus and added value that Almeco’s specialists can offer: the portal serves, in fact, to automate the ordering process, which is still followed by the Almeco team. The company’s consultants are therefore always available to customers, both to help them in meeting their customization needs – from the portal, in fact, it is also possible to order customized sheets, which require 14 days of preparation – and to advise customers on the right finish.

The right aluminum surface finish for your needs

Almeco’s consultants can guide clients in choosing the right surface for the specific application. However, the choice of surface is sometimes determined by the specific needs of the customer in terms of resistance or visual elegance.

Almeco’s mirror surfaces, generally considered delicate for exterior use, for example, have been used in various outdoor art installations, such as the one created by AADV Entertainment and Enel in Milan to combat climate change.

Needs that make it even more important to rely on a partner that can combine a broad product portfolio with deep knowledge in aluminum treatment and an expertise in developing customised project.

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